US Truckers Face New Safety Obstacles. The Trucking Industry is changing the landscape of America’s economy. The trucking industry provides one of the largest economic sectors in the country. Communities across the nation based on trucks and their operators to send their products. Trucks used in the construction industry. In the construction industry, dump trucks and movable concrete mixers transport the massive amounts of rocks, dirt, concrete, and other building materials used in construction. In America, trucks are responsible for the majority of loads over land and are equipped in the manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing industries. So, trucks play a very important role in our daily life. Present, truckers face new safety obstacles in the US.

Roads Blocked By Protesters

In the United States, May month filled with unrest over the death of George Floyd, an American black man who was killed by police in Minneapolis.  Due to Floyd’s death, protests erupted across the country and even engulfed major interstates in some areas.

On May 31st, one incident was on the interstate 35W Bridge in Minneapolis. The incident led to the arrest and hospitalization of tanker truck drivers who drove through rioters protesting Floyd’s death. Reporters informed that there were no injuries to walkers but the truck driver little panicked. The truck driver was interstate before it had closed for protestors.

Truckers Must Take Safety Measures

The trucking industry gives a top priority for safety. Additionally, truck drivers deserve respect and continue to be praised for keeping the nation supplied not only during a global health crisis but also protesting times.

In many states, protesters blocked roadways and major highways, reckless use of the highway by protesters. The main priority for America’s truck driver is to stay safe among the disorder in our country. That means providing continuous alert while truckers driving. Especially, closed roadways in bigger cities and major highways must send an alert while driving. Keep communication with other vehicle operators if possible.

In typical situations, be there for each other as you can. But, drivers must avoid dangerous situations and divert the vehicle when mandatory. It is mandatory for commercial drivers who must pay attention to speed.  On July 12-18, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Safe Driver Week will go on as scheduled. For operation Safe Driver Week, CVSA selected speeding as a focus area. The Governors Highway Safety Association had noticed that less traffic encouraging some vehicle operators to ignore traffic safety rules, including speed limits. Many authorities have seen an extreme point in speeding on the road due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the COVID-19 situation, the government passes a stay at home order.

US Truckers Face New Safety Obstacles. Present data display the average speed on interstate highways also expressways in the five biggest U.S.  Metropolitan areas raised by as much as 75% of over the last few months. Every heavy vehicle driver must file the 2290 tax form with the IRS. If the trucker does not file, he has a chance to pay the height IRS penalties.  For instance, if a taxable vehicle damaged or destroyed, then the trucker can have a chance to claim the credit.

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