How to Get Your Schedule 1 With IRS Form 2290 E-filing? Did you file your Form 2290 HVUT return with the IRS for 2021? How did you submit tax returns to the IRS? Paper forms or e-forms? If you have filed 2290 through paper, then you will get a schedule 4-6 weeks after submitting. This means the previous truck tax payment proof will be expired.

Getting tensed? Don’t worry! We will let you know how to get your HVUT payment proof by e-filing 2290s. Follow the below steps and get your schedule 1 copy in minutes.

Provide Form 2290 E-file Info

Firstly, to file Form 2290 online you need to create an e-file account with an IRS-approved e-file provider like Form 2290 Filing. Ensure to provide the email address and phone number that are in use. With the help of an email address and phone number, you can generate a new password if forgotten. After creating an e-file account, provide your business details and vehicle details to file 2290 road tax form online. Business details include business name, address, and EIN. Make sure that your business information matches with Employer Identification Number. Vehicle details include VIN, mileage limit, date of the vehicles first drive on public roads. Thus, provide accurate information for successful filing without an audit.

Pay your 2290 Truck Taxes online

After providing the necessary information to e-file IRS Form 2290, the next step is to pay your truck taxes online. Most of them get worried about How to calculate HVUT online. When you are e-filing 2290 returns, taxes are calculated automatically by providing the gross weight and FUM of the vehicle. Hence, know how much 2290 you owe to the IRS in seconds with 100% accurate results. Finally, there are three methods to pay taxes online. They are EFW, credit/debit, EFTPS.

To pay truck taxes using EFW, provide your saving/current bank account number and RTN. The IRS will deduct the tax amount within 2 business days. To pay road taxes using EFTPS, create an EFTPS account by vising IRS website. Schedule the payment 2 days before the deadline. Pay taxes within the deadline to avoid HVUT penalties. For paying excise taxes using credit/debit card you need to provide credit/debit card details. Thus, the IRS will deduct the amount within 24 hours. Moreover, you need to pay processing fee to the e-file provider to submit the tax returns to the IRS.

Follow IRS Form 2290 E-filing instructions

As per the IRS norms, follow the step-by-step instructions for a successful Form 2290 Filing. So, the IRS will accept your return without rejection. Here are some guidelines you need to follow while entering 2290 information:

  • Choose the method to submit tax returns to the IRS i.e., paper filing or e-filing.
  • Check the number of forms you are submitting for a tax period. If the tax returns you are submitting are more than 25, then e-filing is mandatory.
  • E-file Form 2290 with IRS-trusted e-file providers to avoid tax scams.
  • Enter your data carefully while filing HVUT returns.
  • Choose the right payment method to pay truck taxes to the IRS.

Submit 2290 returns before the deadline

The final step in Form 2290 e-filing process is “submitting tax returns before the deadline”. generally, the truck tax season begins from July 1st of current year and ends by June 30th of the following year. Taxes are due to the IRS annually by August 31st. However, the deadline for newly purchased heavy vehicles and existing vehicles are different. So, to avoid confusion check whether you are keeping an exiting truck on the road this tax year. Or else, purchasing a new truck to operate business on US national highways. For an old truck, the taxes will be due by August 31st. The due date to file HVUT 2290 for a newly purchased vehicle is by the last date of following month of purchase. Hence, consider these two dates before submitting tax returns to the IRS.

Get your 2290 Schedule 1 to your mail

Finally, you will get the IRS digital watermarked 2290 schedule 1 copy when the IRS accepts your return. Yes, if you have submitted tax returns accurately, then you’ll receive HVUT payment proof in minutes. Otherwise, the IRS may reject your return by sending a notice for rejection. Thus, correct your tax return and resubmit the form to the IRS within IRS Form 2290 deadline to avoid penalties and interests.

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